Installing KDE3.0.1 over 3.0

Iztok Kobal iztok.kobal at
Thu Jun 6 16:54:56 BST 2002

I have installed SuSE8.0 with KDE3.0. When I tried to install KDE3.0.1 
(downloaded today from>...->supplementary->....update_for_8.0) I have tried with the

rpm -Uvh --test kdelibs3-3.0.1-41.rpm

which resulted in

error: failed dependencies:
        kdelibs3 = 3.0 is needed by kdelibs3-devel-3.0-1

when I

rpm -ivh --test kdelibs3-3.0.1-41.rpm

it only shows file conflicts with the originally installed   
 kdelibs3-3.0-1  package which is not very good, anyway, rather 
encouraging after previous try.

Now I am confused - when I look to the KDE page it says that the 
KDE3.0.1 is the service release which I understand as update and not new 
installation so it should work with the -U !

What the heck ?

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