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Johnny Withers johnny at mindbender.net
Wed Jul 31 13:55:22 BST 2002

Can you use kdm to controll remote x sessions?

I have xdm currently doing the login's for remote x sessions,
however, when I start kdm, I can not get a logon screen from
a remote termninal. Also, if I comment all the local X server
lines out of the kdm Xservers file, kdm will not start at all.
Since the machine running Xfree86 does not have a monitor (it
doesn't have a video card at all), I relly can't run any
local x server on the machine.

Also, xdm will not start KDE after a successful login. I'm
sure I have xdm configured correctly, but it seems to ignore
my 'sesson' variable. This is cliped from some of the debugging
output of xdm (I set the session to an xterm to make sure it
wasn't kde startup issues).

	DisplayManager.MIT-unspecified.Session value

StartSession (null): ; DISPLAY=xx.pixelated.net:0 

xdm error (pid 17410): Session "(null)"
	execution failed (err 14)

as you can see, it's trying to exec (null). By the way, kdm
will give me no errors at all, no output to work with.

Any ideas?

PS: KDE starts fine when you manualy start it from command line:

export DISPLAY=xx.pixelated.net:0

works fine.

Johnny Withers
johnny at mindbender.net
p. 601.853.0211
c. 601.209.4985 

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