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Brian T. Schellenberger wrote:
> Some kmail issues/questions/problems . . .
> I have KDE3.
> 3. Address book.
>    The weak point for kmail is, and has been for some time, the
>    address book.
>    a) When I ran KDE1, it was my understanding that in KDE2 the
>    addressbook
> would be replaceable in KDE2.

In KDE 1 KMail had an own addressbook where only the email addresses 
could be stored. In KDE 2 it was possible to configure KMail to use the 
global KDE Addressbook (via two frontends: abbrowser which is now know 
as kaddressbook and kab which isn't part of KDE 3, but which will be 
back in KDE 3.1 AFAIK).

>  As far as I could tell, it was not, so
> I figured it just missed the train and it would presumably be in KDE3,
> but now
> I have KDE3 and I still don't see it. 

In KDE 3 we have removed KMail's own addressbook. Now KMail always uses 
the global KDE Addressbook.

> The one thing I miss about my
> previous mail solution, which was Netscape's mail application, was the
> addressbook and mailing list part.

KMail doesn't have an addressbook included because KMail is an email 
client and no address management program. KMail accesses the KDE 
address book and works well together with KAddressbook which is a 
separate application.
Since KDE 3 it's possible to create distribution lists in KAddressbook. 
After creation they are usable with KMail.

>        Is there, in fact, a way to plug other addressbook / mailing
>        lists in?


> Has anybody done this and if so can you recommend one?

>    b) The addressbook help seems to be entirely missing . . .
>       Has anybody here imported mailing lists?  How did that work out?
>       Some of my mail addresses from my mailing list seem to
>       autocomplete and
> others do not, depending perhaps on whether the name in the book has
> quotes.

This bug has been fixed in the meantime. You should update to KDE 3.0.2.

> What's up with that?  Any insights?
>       Is there a good, easy way to make a list for the kmail
>       addressbook?

1. Click on the address book icon in KMail.
2. Select File->Distribution List... in the KDE Address Book.
3. Click on New List.
4. Enter a name for the list.
5. Select the new list (left of the "New List" button).
6. Select a person you want to add to the list.
7. Click on "Add entry".
8. Optionally change the email address which should be used for this 
person by clicking on "Change Email".
9. Continue with step 6 until the list is complete.
10. Close the distribution list window.
11. Close the KDE Address Book

The newly created distribution list is now available in KMail.

> And is there some good place I could go for doc on
>       all this stuff?

Don't know.


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