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Sorry lost track of you and thought this was fixed.  I am running 7.2
right now so bear with me for a second.  If you right click the mouse on
the desktop  and select "create new" does 7.3 still list "floppy device"
and "CD_ROM device" if so it is a lot easier.
select floppy device
then for the devices tab fill in:
    device:        /dev/fd0
    mount:         /mnt/floppy
    file sys type: auto

then go to the permissions tab and select for the user 
read and write permissions only

click okay and you should have a functional FLoppy mounting icon

right click on the desktop
select creat new then cd-Rom device

on the devices tab

device:      /dev/cdrom
put a checkmark in the "read-only" box
mount point:   /mnt/cdrom
file sys type:  iso9660

again the permissions tab should be read and write for the user only

OF course as in 7.2 these are created for all users as part of their
desktop this means you will need to go back and do this in the skeleton
to make it happen for all users as they are created......First lets make
sure this will work under 7.3 then we can have some fun with the
skeleton (skeleton--a directory that contains the default setup that is
copied into new users /home as they are created giving them a workable
user environment <or something along those lines>  anyway any changes we
make to the skeleton apply to all new users created after this time (but
will not affect previously created users))

Which screen saver is the Black screen of death?? Is that the one that
makes the screen go blank or is the the one that cycles through the
crash screen of various OSs?

Hope this starst to help


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I have upgraded to RH 7.3 / KDE on a split M$/linux system ,
and starting from scratch
Two questions ...
1. No floppy or cdrom icons appeared on the desktop as in RH 7.1
2. No black screen of death screensaver appeared to be available
Is this normal?
Please keep any replies real simple as at 72 I am a very recent convert
Thank you
David wallis

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