kmail turning messages into "no subject" and no content either!

Ian Timshel itschaotic at
Sat Jul 27 07:21:48 BST 2002

Help!  This happened to me before a while back and I never did figure out how 
it resolved itself.
	I'm running RH 7.2 and KMail 1.3.2 using KDE 2.2.2-2  Once the messages are 
received into my "inbox" as soon as I highlight them to read them in the 
preview pain! they are marked "no subject" and the content disappears.  I 
have saved a few of these in hopes of getting the information back later but 
I can't see that happening.. ;^(

	Something broke.  I've booted in single mode and e2fsck'd all the 
partitions... I've tried putting the settings back and forward trying to find 
some other place kmail could be happy.... I got rid of all my filters... I 
checked with another mailer that the messages were coming through ok... 

	I changed where the messages are dumped to a different folder than the inbox 
and this seems to be running ok.. 

	Any ideas sure would be appreciated.. 
		Cheers!  Ian.
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