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Wed Jul 24 09:11:19 BST 2002

I know that this is quite a lot of stuff, but I believe every detail of this
problem has to to with the other ones. Here we go:
I tried a tool called dl, but didn´t pay attention where I launched it, so
that it zipped the whole dir /home/user1 and deleted its contents afterwards
(expect the hidden files and dirs). I copied all back from the zipped file and
since then the problems began. It may happen (it does actually not every
time!) that when I log off user1, X tries to start over, but doesn´t succeed. On
the text concole, I can log on as root, as whom I try to launch X again.
Here´s the error message:

//Beginn of error message
(II) [GLX]: Calling GlxExtensionInit
Inconsitency detected by ../sysdeps/i386/dl-machine.h: 435:
elf_machine_rel_relative: Assertion `((reloc->r_info) & 0xff) == 8´ failed!
Warning: connect() failed: No such file or directory
Error: Can´t contact kdeinit
//End of error message

The part from "Inconsitency" to "or directory" is repeated three times.

After this error occurs, another strange thing may happen (but does not
always!): When I shut down or reboot the system, it doesn´t unmount the
root-partition, so that I have to reset the computer and accept the forced check on
next boot.

Another point is, that when I try to start yast2 (yep, I´m using SuSE 8.0)
as this user1, it does not always work (the windows asking for root passwd
doesn´t appear). In a shell, the error is that it can´t connect to the x-server.
As other users (normal ones), all seem to work fine. Can it be possible that
a user with incorrect local setting files can cause such errors? Or are
those problems independent from each other?

I hope that someone can help me!

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