KDE3 oddities

Brian T. Schellenberger bts at babbleon.org
Wed Jul 24 03:48:04 BST 2002

I just recently installed KDE3 (over XFree864.2 and FreeBSD 4.6), and I'm 
running into three oddities.  I'm wondering if anybody has any insights into 

1. Incorrect pointer shapes.
2. Konsole chops off the last line.
3. No screensavers.

1. Incorrect pointer shapes.

In certain non-KDE applications, most noticably galeon, but also nt, ogle, and 
xjump, but not in others (like xterm, xvile, xmcd, xv, xpdf, and acroread4).

In the applications where it is broken, it takes up a "border" shape far 
outside of where it should.  For example, in galeon, the actual browsing area 
is fine, but in the "header" section--the buttons and menus, including a menu 
when it is pulled down, cause the pointer to change to a <==> shape.  I can't 
tell you how distracting this is.

Has anybody else seen anything like this?  Any ideas for what to do about it?

2. Konsole chops off the last line.

In Konsole I turn off the tabs, which I suspect is connected with this 
problem.  I'm getting the bottom of the last line (the descenders) chopped 
off.  I can take the mouse and drag the window out to avoid this, but it's 
pretty tiresome having to do this all the time.

I've attached a small screen shot of the bottom of a Konsole window in case 
that's not clear.  (I hope that's ok, I grabbed a really small portion in 
order to make the attachment as small as reasonably possible.)

Again, any ideas?  Are other people seeing this?

3. My installation showed up with no screensavers.  I can still lock the 
screen but my only two choices of screensavers are blank and random, which 
randomly chooses either blank or blank :-)

I'm guessing that there is a place I can grab these from?  Does KDE pick up 
standard xlock screensavers or something?

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