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Brian T. Schellenberger bts at babbleon.org
Tue Jul 23 14:37:15 BST 2002

On Tuesday 23 July 2002 03:02 am, Chakravarthi V S wrote:
| Hi all,
| I have 40 machines with Redhat 6.2 Installed and I'm using KDE version
| 1.1.2. On all the machines some time or the other without any reason X
| hangs and i have to log them off completely.
| -- Is there any stable KDE version for Redhat 6.2 with 2.2.14-6.11 kernel.

Do you have any particular reason to believe that it is KDE that is causing 
the lockups?  You are running very old versions of everything there.  I found 
that stability increased for me with KDE2 & XFree86 4 over KDE & XFree86 3, 
but since X also locked up from time to time with fvwm I suspect that the 
instability problem was in X rather than KDE in the first place.

XFree86 4 + KDE2 + FreeBSD is quite stable in my experience.

I've now upgraded to XFRee86 4.2 + KDE3 + FreeBSD 4.6 and it's very stable so 
far but since I just upgaded a couple of days ago I can't yet speak from 
experience.  I believe that the you will find that each of these upgrades 
(Linux -> FreeBSD, XFree86 3 -> XFree86 4, and KDE -> KDE3) will enhance 
stability.  However, they will each require some adjustment; Linux -> FreeBSD 
is a big step and KDE -> KDE3 is pretty big, too.  (KDE -> KDE2 broke 
compatibility in a lot of ways; KDE2 -> KDE3 is very smooth.)

| --Also is there any way to remove the log off button form the panel. some
| times by mistake if you press the logout button when netscape is running
| it'll hang X and at that time it says preparing session.

Well, in KDE2/3 you can keep it from trying to preserve sessions in the first 
place, which is what I do, so that I have a sinle sesison I saved once and 
after that I don't resume from where I left off but start with a fresh slate.

Also in KDE2/3 you can definately remove the button by clicking on the little 
striped area to the left of the button, but it's been so long since I ran KDE 
that I can't remember whether it had it or not.

KDE2 is really an order-of-magnitude improvement to KDE; I'd strongly 
recommend an upgrade, and you might as well go whole hog (KDE3) while you're 
at it.

| -- If any Stable KDE version available then where can i download it from
| and how to install it.

Order your FreeBSD 4.6 disks from www.bsdmall.com, back up you favorite files, 
wipe the disk, and install from scratch.

There are probably less dramatic alterntives, but you are really runnin 
ancient software; why not upgrade?

| Waiting for replies
| Thanks in Advance
| Regards
| chakri
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