Kde Problem

Chakravarthi V S chakri_info at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 23 08:02:11 BST 2002

Hi all,

I have 40 machines with Redhat 6.2 Installed and I'm using KDE version 1.1.2. On all the machines some time or the other without any reason X hangs and i have to log them off completely. 

-- Is there any stable KDE version for Redhat 6.2 with 2.2.14-6.11 kernel. 

--Also is there any way to remove the log off button form the panel. some times by mistake if you press the logout button when netscape is running it'll hang X and at that time it says preparing session.

-- If any Stable KDE version available then where can i download it from and how to install it.


Waiting for replies

Thanks in Advance



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