libsmb problem

Antony Gelberg gelberg at
Mon Jul 22 16:44:02 BST 2002

Hi all,

I have just built and installed KDE 3.0.2.  I want to use LAN browsing, but 
don't have Samba on my machine.  I did install libsmb as recommended, as I 
was told that this would give enough functionality for LAN browsing to work.

Anyway, when I type in smb://hostname/dir, it doesn't work.  I toook a quick 
look in the source, and it seems not to have built that directory, as I don't 
have smbclient (which I thought I didn't need!).

Can someone out there please shed some light on this?  How is the libsmb 
functionality used in the KDE code?  I can provide more info if necessary.



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