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Andreas Pour pour at
Thu Jul 18 12:25:22 BST 2002


Welcome to KDE / Linux!  Here's a couple things you should keep in mind:

 (1) please do not post HTML emails.  *Especially* ones with colors and
image backgrounds.  This is a sure way to get many nasty emails sent
back to you.
 (2) you have hit the wrong mailing list, you should try 'kde-linux', at .  Why?  Well, at this
point it won't make sense to you, so just trust me :-).
 (3) finally, a question like yours is very difficult to address;
basically, you are asking for what in our world is called a HOWTO or
FAQ.  The Linux Documentation Project will likely have a FAQ or HOWTO on
exactly what you want to do.  If you visit,
you will also find some resources.
 (4) next you will ask, where is the "Linux Documentation Project". 
But, I will teach you to fish instead: is your friend.  Use
it, and you shall reap bounties of fish.


List Admin

> Please help
> I am NEW to Linux and Winlinux 2001.
> Please tell me how to get connected to the internet by cable (this
> email is being sent through windows xp pro).
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