Frank Reifenstahl f.reifenstahl at seelig.de
Wed Jul 17 09:41:38 BST 2002

> >>> More often than not it happens when moving a busy konqueror
> >>> window, but sometimes it just happens.
> Dre wrote:
> >> Well, when you said system freezes, I figured, "90% probably an X
> >> bug", now that you add this, I figure, "99.5% probabilty X bug"
> and later Frank wrote:
> > Three times no. SuSE 8.0, its included XFree 4.2 (Build 64), download
> > of KDE 3.0.2 (SuSE-binaries).
> You forgot to tell us which graphics card you use.

ATI Rage 128 RL/VR AGP

> FYI, I'm using SuSE 8.0 (installed from CD, regularly updated via YOU),
> XFree 4.2.0-107, KDE 3.0.2 (RPMs from ftp.suse.com) and my system is
> rock stable. I use a graphics card based on the Trident Blade 3D chip.

3D enabled?
Where did you get XFree 4.2.0-107? I updated via fou4s, and there's still 
build 64 running.

Kind regards

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