Andreas Pour pour at mieterra.com
Tue Jul 16 11:08:50 BST 2002

terry wrote:
> >> But I still do not understand how having the optional eye
> >> candy hurts the useability.
> isn't it a useability issue, when the first thing one has to do,
> when starting to use kde, is to search around for how to turn off
> all of the eye candy?

Well, depends on how much you have to search.  Whatever default you use,
someone won't like it, so, the goal is to use what most people like as
the default.  Most people like the eye candy, and, IMHO, the people that
don't are also the ones most likely to have the wherewithal to change
the defaults (as you may know, "studies have shown" that 90% of people
don't change defaults).

That said, there were some useability issues in the control center, with
things, par. theme-related, not being organized very well.  Currently,
the control center is going through a major re-organization (or, if you
prefer, just "organization" ;-) ), not sure if it will make it into 3.1.


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