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On Tuesday 16 July 2002 12:01, Frank Reifenstahl wrote:
> > > *misunderstanding* The freezing bears on Windows - but stop! A few
> > > weeks ago I pulled 3.0.2. Since then I got a freeze a day. A long time
> > > in my 8 years of age relationship with linux watching this. And it's
> > > not only the screen, but a system freeze!
> >
> > Since you have used Linux 8 years, I won't waste our time trying to help
> > you figure out what's wrong, but if you find the time to figure it out
> > and it turns out KDE is the problem, would be great to get a bug report
> No chance, because there are no exploitable log messages. More often than
> not it happens when moving a busy konqueror window, but sometimes it just
> happens.

What makes you thing "system freeze" is KDE related? Well, it might be 
triggered by KDE, but I would not be so quick blaming it on KDE.

I used KDE3.0, KDE3.0.1 and KDE3.0.2 on several machines and I never 
experienced any problems with stability. No freezes, not even crashes. I am 
currently running "unstable" KDE3.1 from HEAD and yet I do not find it 
In fact, I find it quite fast (on my 500MHz Celeron) and very stable (rock 
stable compared to my MS Win installation). 

Obviously I am not saying focus on stability is not needed. It is. But KDE is 
doing great now, I don't think it's losing its stability. 


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