Andreas Pour pour at mieterra.com
Tue Jul 16 08:59:33 BST 2002

Frank Reifenstahl wrote:

[ ... ]

> Don't be cross with me, but that's wearying, anyhow. The 3.1 alpha looks nice,
> really, but for the world that's no excuse for that decreasing stability
> through all KDE3 micro releases. You can't comprehend? Keep watching kde
> related mailing lists like yours or suse-kde. 


I've been watching the lists for years.  I've been admin of this one and
a few others - hmm, since 1998 I think.

Decreasing stability?  I'm not sure of what.  I hear general allegations
that eye candy causes crashes, yet, nothing specific enough that I can
test, not even an application name, and I don't experience any
UI-related instability.  About as specific as it has gotten is a comment
that the whole system freezes, and since that is improbably a KDE bug, I
don't know what to make of it either.

> I don't criticize for the fun
> of it, but because of waiting for the big one  - and growing disappointed. We
> all are really in need for software supporting our work, not hindering or
> producing more of it.
> Enough with it :/

On that, my friend, we are in total agreement :-).


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