Changing virtual desktop size

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Mon Jul 15 10:57:41 BST 2002

Try KDE wrote:
 > This is probably a X window question, rather than KDE. Question:
 > During installing Redhat 7.3 and KDE 3.0,  I chose the  resolution as
 >  1024*768.  After installation, I decided to switch to 800*600. I
 > don't know how to do it in any GUI tools, so I directly changed
 > /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 in its "Display" subsection.  Now the problem
 > is , when I enter KDE again (by startx), the virtual desktop size is
 > still 1024*768, which causes me  have to move the cursor beyond
 > screen boundary in order to see the whole desktop. I know some people
 > might appreciate this feature, but i'd rather to change it 800*600.
 > Any suggestions?
The short answer is that you need to edit your XF86Config file some more
in the "Screen" section.  That is the section that contains the 
"Display" subsection(s).

The line (or lines) containing: "Virtual", just comment them out.


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