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On Sunday, 14. July 2002 18:30, Mary Stamper wrote:
> seemed that 1) fear of the unknown was a great big factor, 2) fear of
> having inadequate tech support was a great big factor (they have no
> confidence in user-based support.....they want (an are likely willing
> to pay for) an official support orgranization 

Almost all distributors for business customers offer support contracts.
SuSE is doing it for the customers of IBM that buy IBM machines with SuSE 

> 3) fear of the cost of
> retraining employees on staroffice or openoffice or whatever office was
> a huge factor, and lastly

Might be possible to do that while still working on Windows.

 4) fear of not being able to painlessly read
> MS office documents or flawlessly export documents that could be read
> by MS Office was a major factor and along the same lines, a huge
> resistence to having to even be cognizant of the the existence of
> multiple office systems (export vs. save commands for example) was a
> huge problem.

We, that is our company, is using a Citrix MetaFrame in case we have to 
deal with Windoes only stuff or Office Docs that cannot be imported int 

Works very well, we even can use the scan and fax functions of an 
attached HP LaserJet 1220.

But we are all software engineers, so it might not work for "normal" 
office people.


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