WOW. . .those screenshots of 3.1Alpha are fantastic

cr cr at
Sun Jul 14 09:50:43 BST 2002

On Sunday 14 July 2002 18:14, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> cr wrote:
> > What will get big companies to consider chucking M$ is M$'s greed, I
> > think. Nothing else.   If the bean counters start screaming about what
> > upgrades are costing then the IT guys may have to look for alternatives. 
> >   Nobody in big companies *ever* considers the poor sods who actually
> > have to use the stuff.
> It will help if we have a superior product.
> Fact: They can also chuck M$ and switch to Solaris but very few have.
> FYI, there is not license fee for Solaris 8 on single CPU i386 systems.

I quite agree about the 'superior product'.  

However, where I work (which is all M$ dominated), the IT people don't even 
know that Linux can run a windows-like GUI, never mind knowing what Gnome or 
KDE are.   They don't know that Linux apps can handle MSWord format docs, or 
PDF files, or JPG's, or HTML, or....      

They *are* considering trying Linux on a fileserver as an alternative to Win 
NT, presumably for cost reasons.   

So if they ever look at Linux + Xfree86, it will help enormously if KDE is a 
superior product, yes, but right now it doesn't make any difference how good 
KDE is because they just ain't looking anywhere other than their nearest M$  
salesman    :(

I'd say the most important factor, if they do ever look, will be to have a 
distribution that comes complete with all necessary apps, with a 
straightforward install procedure.   Fortunately from my own recent 
experience, RedHat seems to have reached that stage and probably 
others too.

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