WOW. . .those screenshots of 3.1Alpha are fantastic

Benjamin Reed ranger at
Sun Jul 14 06:36:03 BST 2002

Mary Stamper [mstamper77 at] wrote:
> It's a weakness if you are happy just being little KDE with your little unix desktop in your
> little home geek-abode. But if you really want to seriously challenge M$ where it will hurt,
> you've got to go after the big companies that actually use the computer to get work done. And the
> priorities may be entirely different. Perhaps deep down, that isn't what the existing users and
> perveyors of KDE REALLY want...........

There are as many reasons for developing KDE as there are people developing it.
However, I'm betting that for many of the people coding on KDE, they care not one
bit whether they "challenge M$" or not.

You keep saying "if you really want to seriously challenge M$", and most of the
responses have been the equivalent of "we don't", but you don't notice it and
barrel on ahead, arguing that everyone should stop whatever they're doing and
attack Redmond.

I don't do things to piss off microsoft, I do things to make things easier for me,
and because I enjoy working on something other people use.  Period.

Just because *you* want KDE to destroy Microsoft doesn't mean anyone else wants
it.  Sure, it's one of those things I've thought about in the context of "wouldn't
it be nice?", but that doesn't mean it's a priority.  I think it'd be great if MS
went away, but that has nothing to do with my reasons for using KDE, and having
not booted Windows for anything other than NeverWinter nights in the last 6
months, I can't imagine why I should care about Microsoft at all.  I can get along
just fine without them.

I use KDE because it's comfortable for my day-to-day tasks, and because I think
it is a pretty elegant design.  Neither of those things have anything to do with
Microsoft.  In fact, many of the people I know that run UNIX don't think about
MS at all, other than the increasingly frequent annoyance of getting virus
e-mails from people unknowingly sending crap from their swiss-cheese legacy
OSes.  (grin)

Perhaps you should stop worrying about what other people think, and start
worrying about what *you* want.  If you want to destroy Microsoft, get out there
and make it happen, but don't assume it's every KDE developer's personal agenda
to have anything to do with an OS they don't even use anymore.

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