WOW. . .those screenshots of 3.1Alpha are fantastic

Andreas Pour pour at
Sat Jul 13 23:17:47 BST 2002


As KDE is Open Source, companies are fully capable of customizing KDE to
fulfill their each and every need.

If you think about large companies, some pay, maybe, $50 million / year
to MS for software.  If they put, say, $5 million into KDE development,
they could make it everything they wanted it to be, and for the rest of
eternity, save $50 million per year.

KDE is getting more and more to the point where that will happen - you
are seeing governemnts consider adopting it, and larger corporations. 
This will all come.  Responsibility for everything does not lie in the
small group of developers who are making KDE better every day.

And people, such as myself, or working on frameworks, to make it easier,
to have companies contribute to making KDE ever more suitable for the
desktop.  But it does not all happen overnight, and it will happen much
faster, if instead of complaining about problems, you help fix them, or
help in other ways, to make KDE better.  Complaining is of course the
easiest thing to do, but it also is the least productive and the most



Mary Stamper wrote:
> It's a weakness if you are happy just being little KDE with your little unix desktop in your
> little home geek-abode. But if you really want to seriously challenge M$ where it will hurt,
> you've got to go after the big companies that actually use the computer to get work done. And the
> priorities may be entirely different. Perhaps deep down, that isn't what the existing users and
> perveyors of KDE REALLY want...........
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