WOW. . .those screenshots of 3.1Alpha are fantastic

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Sat Jul 13 23:11:29 BST 2002

Kevin Krammer wrote:
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> On Saturday, 13. July 2002 11:40, Hasanen wrote:
>>do you think that KDE can be bug-free ?
>>I don't think that because it's depend on QT lib. which contain many
>>bugs too. Now I am building a new project ( KDEsee) it's a thumb viewer
> No human written software is bug free ... .

I would put some qualifications on that.

I have written programs that are bug free, but they were NOT GUI 
interface.  They were written in FORTRAN and is is much easier to write 
a bug free batch program in FORTRAN than it is to write a GUI based 
program in C.

I have written rather short assembler programs that I believe are bug free.

In the current case (KDE/Qt/GUI), it is a question of size and complexity.

So, it is possible to write bug free programs.  The question is how.

IIRC,  Bjorn Stroustrup thinks that it *is* possible to write bug free code.

But, any who, the bugs I am talking about are not programing errors, 
they are things that don't quite work correctly that are probably caused 
by errors in logic or cases that were not accounted for.


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