WOW. . .those screenshots of 3.1Alpha are fantastic

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Sat Jul 13 02:18:29 BST 2002

I don't know to what extent your long esay was directed to me, but I
thought that I should clarify what I was talking about.

First, I am not demanding more features.

I realize that KDE's resources are limited, that is why I tried to make 
the specific point that there was a list of bugs that haven't been fixed 
and that perhaps it would be a good idea to delay work on the next 
version a little bit to get them fixed.  I fully realize that it is much 
more fun to create new features than to fix bugs.

I am willing to do my part to help.  I can write code and do it quite 
will if FORTRAN is your language, but I don't know C++ at all.  I can 
write in K&R C but the code is in the style of FORTRAN.  It is possible 
that I can help with numerical aspects of writing code even though I am 
not a C programing wizard.

I thought that I could help by submitting bug reports.  I don't think 
that just filling out the form with a vague problem is sufficent.  I 
must be able to tell how to reproduce it.  And, I am willing to 
correspond with the developer to try to get it fixed, try patches etc..

But, my experience in reporting bugs has not been good.  If you have 
some suggestions as to how I can avoid this in the future, I will try 
submitting more.  If there are some specific jobs that need doing, 
people are welcome to contact me.

And as far as your general question about what to do, perhaps you should 
wite: The KDE Manifesto.


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