WOW. . .those screenshots of 3.1Alpha are fantastic

Frank Reifenstahl f.reifenstahl at
Fri Jul 12 14:59:08 BST 2002

> Tyrer is right..........more silly eye-candy isn't going to get business
> users to consider chucking
> windows and trying out KDE. A good, stable, reliable platform that does all
> of the basics well does however, does have a chance at ousting windows.
> Konqueror (in my opinion) is the best-designed browser in existence as far
> as being able to really use it
> as a tool for organizing your web activity (and I'm really looking forward
> to the tabbed browsing enhancement). But it still crashes on a lot of sites
> and fails to render a lot of pages. A browsers fundamental job is to render
> pages.....let's get that right first. And why is Opera so much faster?
> Let's get KDE rock-solid before we spend time writing more pretty toy crap.
> One exception: Anti-aliasing NEEDS to work reliably AND pervasively. An
> anti-aliased desktop is a lot easier on the eyes if done correctly (Apple
> figured that out a long time ago). I'm sick of having to recompile
> something everytime I upgrade KDE in order to get AA working again.
> Yes, I'm a geek and I can usually get things working because I'm careful
> and I read the docs. But if we ever hope than regular people will use KDE,
> a lot of cleaning up needs to be done.

AFAIC, too, that's the point. I just read the KDE 3.1 announcement - it gave 
me the creeps. Leaving ground to visit rainbows, what the hack are they 
doing? A GUI and its desktop should support me WORKING. I don't want a 
kaleidoscopic toy, don't want to get dizzy watching transparent wallpapers 
through transparent buttons through transparent popup windows. I have great 
respect for everyone working at KDE, but listen, I am in dire need for STABLE 
browsers and mail progs. A version 3.0.2 prog should remember that its 
predecessors did well on rendering a specific URL. By and by I got rubbery 
fingers updating KDE. Please, please, KDE, a focused-on-stability release!

Kind regards

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