WOW. . .those screenshots of 3.1Alpha are fantastic

Mary Stamper mstamper77 at
Fri Jul 12 13:58:42 BST 2002

Tyrer is right..........more silly eye-candy isn't going to get business users to consider
windows and trying out KDE. A good, stable, reliable platform that does all of the basics well
does however, does have a chance at ousting windows. 

Konqueror (in my opinion) is the best-designed browser in existence as far as being able to really
use it
as a tool for organizing your web activity (and I'm really looking forward to the tabbed browsing
enhancement). But it still crashes on a lot of sites and fails to render a lot of pages. A
browsers fundamental job is to render pages.....let's get that right first. And why is Opera so
much faster?

Let's get KDE rock-solid before we spend time writing more pretty toy crap. 

One exception: Anti-aliasing NEEDS to work reliably AND pervasively. An anti-aliased desktop is a
lot easier on the eyes if done correctly (Apple figured that out a long time ago). I'm sick of
having to recompile something everytime I upgrade KDE in order to get AA working again. 

Yes, I'm a geek and I can usually get things working because I'm careful and I read the docs. But
if we ever hope than regular people will use KDE, a lot of cleaning up needs to be done.
--- James Richard Tyrer <tyrerj at> wrote:
> Terry wrote:
> > Who is forcing you to use 3.0 or higher?  If your happy with 2.2.2 then
> > great. Meanwhile let the rest of us enjoy being on the bleeding edge. You
> > try to have a good evening.
> > 
> You have totally missed my point.  I am not happy with 2.2.2 but not 
> because it didn't have svg icons and drop shadows, but rather because it 
> had bugs and usability issues.  Some of these have not been addressed yet.
> My point again is that before more is done to pretty things up that the 
> more basic foundation needs work.  And, it appears to me that we are 
> loosing ground.  Stability in 3.0.2 is still not as good as 2.2.2 and 
> yet people are working on 3.1 rather than making 3.0.3 work better.
> And, no, you are correct that no one is forcing me to use it, I (and a 
> lot of other users) can go back to Windows.  But, I don't think that 
> that is really what you want.
> If I submit bug reports, will someone work on them or just tell me that 
> this will be fixed in 3.1?  I am willing to do my part by testing, but 
> previous reports I submitted fell on deaf ears.  Actually worse, I was 
> either told that there was nothing wrong, that it was a Qt issue, or it 
> would be fixed in 3.0.  If KDE expects to become widely accepted, this 
> atitide, as well as the atitude in your reply MUST BE CHANGED.
> And making it pretty while having Konqueror crash at least twice as much 
> is not the bleeding edge of anything.
> Note, I have the CVS 3.0.x and I usually build it every day.
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