using win-key with kde

Mariusz Pekala skoot at
Sat Jul 6 00:42:14 BST 2002

Dnia pią 5. lipiec 2002 19:45, Ladislav Strojil napisał:
> Look at:

Huh... It's a pity that in KDE 3 FAQ (as installed locally, and as seen on this is no moe described. The address above is a very old FAQ.
"KDE Frequently Asked QuestionsVersion 2.0.1
Last updated: 29/11/2000"

Is there another way to do such things in KDE 3?

I know that Win keys work OK without any modifications, but I have a few nice 
keys at the top of my keyboard (for media control and such things) and they 
didn't worked until I assigned them keysyms in a way described there. :-)
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