Kmail and GnuPG

cryptopia cryptopia at
Wed Jul 3 15:58:17 BST 2002

On Tuesday 02 July 2002 05:26 pm, Conor McTernan wrote:
> So in Kmail I have created an identity called Conor McTernan
> <conor at> and in this identity I have specified my
> name to be again "Conor McTernan" and my email to be
> "conor at'. Once I have set this identity, I go into
> the Advanced Tab in the identity section and attempt to select an OpenPGP
> key, but  when the dialogue appears, there are no keys present.
> If I execute "gpg --list-keys" I get a number of keys that I have added,
> but none of them appear in Kmail.

Are your keys located in .gnupg (off of your home directory)?

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