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Nick THOMPSON nickthompson at
Wed Jul 3 11:57:15 BST 2002

Ooops, Sorry about the html in the last post. Hope this is more

Its not quite what you wanted, but you could change your script to wait
for a key press before it exits. Or you could write another script that
takes a command line which it executes and then waits for a key press...

read a 

...would do it (you could put an echo "press any key to exit" before the
read a). 

If you called the above script "exitwait", you can then run "exitwait
echo hello" for example. 


On Wed, 2002-07-03 at 10:44, Benjamin Richardson wrote:
    I would like to execute a script in a shell thanks to a link to an 
    application in kde. This script usualy works but when i use the link the 
    shell window closes as soon as the script is finished. How can I specified 
    the shell to stay open in the shell options, in the   

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