FTP problems with Knoqueror

Tim cyberlord at cyberlord.net.dhis.org
Mon Jul 1 23:57:01 BST 2002

I just did a clean install of FreeBSD 4.6 RELEASE and KDE 3.0_1.

I run a local network behind a router that is my gateway. This worked in the 
past with 4.5 RELEASE and KDE 2.2, I just through it in as part of my 

What is happening to me is any FTP connection thru KDE (Netscape and FreeBSD's 
FTP shell client work fine) gives me a connection error. 

Trying to make a port, during the fetch phase, I get connection refused on all 
trys to the ftp sites. Of course I have not tried all ports, but all the 
ports I have tried have ended in the same error. This is using Konq with the 
terminal emulator option. Running from konsole shell in the ports directory I 
am installing works fine too. Just using Konq with the terminal emulator 
gives me connection refused errors.

When I try to connect to ftp with konqueror I get "An error occured while 
loading..." and  a "Could not connect to host..." error.  Yes, I am using the 
ftp:// syntax.. :)

Do I have to set up an anomymous ftp login somewhere and use my e-mail 
address? I didn't have to in Konq 2.2.

I just tried to install gimp-1.2.3 from the ports using Konq and terminal 
emulation and it didn't work, but it installed fine from konsole in like 30 
seconds! Including fetching and installing the dependencies. 

Any ideas?


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