configure error from arts and qt

Francis Bouchard fbouchard75 at
Mon Dec 30 18:38:17 GMT 2002

I found something else that may be a problem : when gcc tries to compile 
concept_check.h, it returns this :

/usr/include/g++-v3/bits/concept_check.h:47: warning: invalid character in 
macro parameter name
/usr/include/g++-v3/bits/concept_check.h:47: badly punctuated parameter list 
in `#define'

47 : #define __glibcpp_function_requires(...)
48 : #define __glibcpp_class_requires(_a,_b)
49 : #define __glibcpp_class_requires2(_a,_b,_c)
50 : #define __glibcpp_class_requires3(_a,_b,_c,_d)
51 : #define __glibcpp_class_requires4(_a,_b,_c,_d,_e)

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