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Chris Kuhi kdelists at
Fri Dec 27 23:07:21 GMT 2002

On Friday 27 December 2002 07:19, gabriel wrote:
> if you look at the end of this message, you'll see that i've appended a
> random quote from a big long list of quotes.  some think that sort of
> thing, but i rather like it.  but that's not why i'm posting.  if you look
> below, you'll /also/ see a "--" before the quote.  the "--" is put there by
> kmail to show the end of the email and the start of the sig, but i'd like
> very much to edit it to be something like "-- random quote --".  where can
> you set this?  or is this just something that's part of the mailer that you
> can't change?

Actually it's a "-- " (note the space).  That's hard-coded.  It's a 
semi-standard mostly (only?) in the Unix world to allow mailers to recoginize 
the sig, as you thought.  The point being, most people don't like to include 
signatures in the quoted replies to e-mails since it bloats up mails in long 
discussion threads.  There was a discussion about this a while back on the 
Kmail mailing list where someone wanted that changed/configurable and I 
believe pretty much everyone was against it.  Since the "-- " has to be 
followed by a newline to be recognized, the sig would essentially become part 
of the body of the mail for any mailers that otherwise recognize the 
separator.  There are some plans to allow templates of the message body 
sometime in the future, so maybe that would fit your requirements if and when 
they implement that.

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