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gabriel the.angel.gabriel at
Fri Dec 27 06:19:57 GMT 2002

if you look at the end of this message, you'll see that i've appended a random 
quote from a big long list of quotes.  some think that sort of thing, but i 
rather like it.  but that's not why i'm posting.  if you look below, you'll 
/also/ see a "--" before the quote.  the "--" is put there by kmail to show 
the end of the email and the start of the sig, but i'd like very much to edit 
it to be something like "-- random quote --".  where can you set this?  or is 
this just something that's part of the mailer that you can't change?

too long have the workers of the world waited for some moses to lead them out 
of bondage.  i would not lead you out if i could; for if you could be led 
out, you could be led back again. i would have you make up your minds there 
is nothing that you cannot do for yourselves.
	- eugene debs
	  founder of the american railway union

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