Changing font size on printout

larry larryt67 at
Fri Dec 27 19:31:37 GMT 2002

> > Larry
> Thanks for the reply, this solves my problem - at least for kmail.
> But I cannot find anything similar for konqueror, or is there something
> hidden somewhere?
> Thanks
> 	Alex
Sorry, I forgot about Konqueror,
Well I am no expert on Linux nor anything kde but I think the font
size will already be set by the document therefor you would need
to open it in a text editor such as kwrite or kedit etc. Then change
the text characteristics to your likeing and print. 
There may be a more eloquent  solution but I doubt if it would be
much quicker.

If you don't like the idea of changing the original document you
could open it, change it, save as 'someothername' print it, and
delete  it. 
Then everything is back as it was.

Hope that is about what you wanted. :)


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