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Thu Dec 26 05:19:12 GMT 2002

On December 24, 2002 05:26 pm, Johnny Andersson wrote:
> Hi all. I'm setting up a KDE system for my mother and I want to make it as
> easy to use as possible. It's only going to run a web browser (I think I'd
> better use Mozilla even though I prefer konq myself) and kmail.
> I want kicker to contain the icons for the programs, but I'd rather she
> didn't have to worry about what buttons switch to the program (the task
> button) and what buttons actually load the application. That is, a button
> that loads the program if it's not running, otherwise it just switches to
> it. This could be done with scripts, but is there an easier solution?
> Anyone have any other tips/experiences for making this as easy as possible
> for a non-computer savvy person? I tried Windows first but I realized my
> mother was too confused by Windows (not to mention I loathe it) and figure
> I'd set up a streamlined KDE instead.

i figure that going the linux route is really the better option when it comes 
to the not-so-techie relatives.  it keeps them from accidentally spreading 
viri etc. and if you install an ssh server, you can log in and fix stuff 
whenever they have problems.

as far as suggestions for simplifying kde, i'd restrict her to one desktop, 
and remove all the buttons from the kicker save the K, konqueror (or mozilla) 
and kmail.  other stuff will just encourage them to tinker.  (normally good 
in linux, but we're trying not to confuse them.  outside of that, i believe 
that in some kde apps (kate for one) have the option of restricting 
incarnations of the app to one, rather than allowing two versions of the app 
to be launched.  this is something that can be selected in the "configure 
<appname>" gui.

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