kde + fam bug with samba?

Anh Lai anhlai at speakeasy.net
Tue Dec 24 09:22:14 GMT 2002

So, i can create directories with konqueror on a samba mounted directory, but 
when i attempt remove directories with konqueror's file manager mounted as a 
smbfs via /etc/fstab (not smb::// rather file://mnt/ ) it says device or 
resource busy.  I cannot even do a rm -rf <directory> successfully in console 
with konqueror open even seeing the directory i would like to delete.  Trying 
to delete with konqueror means : right click, choose delete.

now, if i close konqureror and try to do a rmdir <directory> in console, it is 

Is fam or konqueror locking the directory when it is open on the parent 
directory of the directory i would like to remove?  This is very annoying.


Anh Lai
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