Problem with erratic font sizes

Chris Arrowood chris.arrowood at
Mon Dec 23 07:23:02 GMT 2002

I have noticed some strange behaviour lately.  I do not know if this is a KDE 
problem or an X problem.  Any input you can provide on this would be 

Often (but not always) when I login to KDE the first time after booting my 
fonts are very small.  I'll adjust them and move on.  However, when I restart 
X and log in next time (with out rebooting) my fonts are much bigger and I'll 
have to size them back.  I thought that maybe X was just starting in 
different resolutions but xvidtune confirmed that the resolution was the same 
in both cases.  (Is there an altrernative way besides xvidtune to determine 
for sure what resolution I am in?)

The behaviour is consistent in that anytime I have the small fonts I can 
restart x and it will be fixed.  It is inconsistent in that on a reboot, it 
usually but not always exhibits the small fonts.

Now I just restart X before I login anytime I have just booted.  Annoying, but 
liveable. I can tell before logging in just by the size of the KDE login 
screen.   Thats why I originally just thought it was a rsolution issue.  (If 
xvidtune is lying to me, it may still be... ;-)

I am currently running KDE 3.04 on Gentoo 1.4 RC5 but I had the same problem w 
3.04 on RH8.

KDE 3.04
Gentoo 1.4 RCx
Resolution 1240 x ???
AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1.0Ghz
NVidia GeForce2 (w Nvidia drivers)

Chris Arrowood
Atlanta, GA, USA
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