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Fri Dec 13 08:42:22 GMT 2002

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Chris Kuhi wrote:
> Don't mistake Ingo's answer to mean there is resistance to composing
> messages, I think rather it has been a matter of priorities thusfar. 
> As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure I read in one of the related
> mailing lists some of the other developers talking about how they
> wanted to implement it; it might have been the 'make_it_cool'
> developers, I'm not sure.

That's correct.

> Anyway, Kmail has been developing very quickly and there are a *lot*
> of different things the developers are working on, and I think
> implementing the display of HTML mails was somewhat easier than the
> composing of them
> would/will be.  Besides, it was neccessary in order to make some mails
> even readable, whereas -- as you said -- you can be more expressive
> when you write
> an HTML mail, but you can still be expressive without.  Just a matter
> of
> priorities, like I said.  I don't think any of the developers are
> actively against it, though any of them can feel free to correct me if
> I'm wrong :-)

Thanks for clarifing Chris!

As we use the same HTML rendering engine as Konqueror viewing HTML 
messages was trivial. But there isn't a usable HTML message composer 
yet. And that's why composing HTML messages with KMail currently isn't 
possible. But one day KMail will support this.


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