KDE not starting up anymore at all

Donsbach, Jeff Jeff.Donsbach at hp.com
Wed Dec 11 19:14:01 GMT 2002

Daniel ,

I just subscribed to this list in hopes of finding an answer to what sounds like almost exactly the same problem! This started happening for me about 2 days ago. I am running KDE 3.03 on Tru64 UNIX (so I guess it is a platform independent issue). Maybe we can compare notes and figure this out. I even tried reinstalling KDE but no dice. The Splash screen gets to "Initializing Peripherals" and then just hangs. The Splash panel itself goes away after about a minute but the system just sits there in a half logged in state that you can't get out of.

I am able to log in from another terminal when things "hang" and there are a bunch of "kdeinit" processes hanging around but I can't tell which one is the problem -
donsbach  35715  2.0  0.5 33.2M 2.3M ??       S    14:05:29     0:06.26 kdeinit: kded +knotify
donsbach  35730  1.3  0.1 2.63M 384K pts/1    S    14:09:02     0:00.07 -csh (csh)
donsbach  35719  0.0  0.5 33.9M 2.4M ??       S    14:05:34     0:00.76 kdeinit: kcmin +knotify
donsbach  35712  0.0  0.2 31.5M 968K ??       S    14:05:29     0:00.06 kdeinit: klaun +knotify
donsbach  35708  0.0  0.2 31.3M 800K ??       S    14:05:28     0:00.10 kdeinit: Start +knotify
donsbach  35707  0.0  0.7 30.4M 3.6M ??       S    14:05:25     0:00.58 kdeinit +kcminit +knotify
donsbach  35703  0.0  0.1 30.7M 720K ??       S    14:05:28     0:00.07 kdeinit: dcops +knotify
donsbach  35656  0.0  0.0 2.26M 216K ??       S    14:05:19     0:00.05 /usr/local/kde303/bin/prngd -n -m 0777 -c /usr/local/kde303
donsbach  35620  0.0  0.0 2.53M 232K ??       I    14:05:14     0:00.13 /usr/local/kde303/bin/startkde.kde22

I suspect it is "kded" since it is the only one getting any CPU time. But, I have no idea what that does and my install has no debugging information compiled in, so attaching the debugger isn't telling me much either.

Anyone else seen this problem and/or know what might be causing it? I can't find any log file on my system with an error messages of value.

Jeff Donsbach

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