kmail: sending/receiving messages in HTML

Benjamin Lee Solosy aethereal at
Wed Dec 11 10:33:52 GMT 2002

Hi everybody,

Thanks for your interesting and informative replies on this topic.

Btw:  Ingo, I was mistaken.  The KMail Documentation indicates that an 
external editor may be employed for composing an e-mail message, but it does 
not in any way necessarily specify an HTML editor or an HTML format message 
(as I had initially thought).

P.S.  Overall, I remain impressed that there seems to be so much resistance to 
HTML e-mail.  (In many cases, the biggest annoyance for many seems to be 
~undesired HTML messages~ (i.e., spam), rather than HTML messages per se.  
But there are, of course, others who simply dislike HTML messages altogether, 
even from friends.)  Oh well, we all seem to have our individual preferences.  
Fortunately, we have a very wide variety of choices available to suit our 
diverse wishes.  

[For the record:  I prefer HTML for sending and receiving messages, simply 
because it is more expressive.  (More can be done with HTML than without it.) 
Of course, this implies a trade-off in several respects.  I happen to happily 
accept this trade-off, but I can understand and respect others who don't care 
for it.]
Thanks again everybody,

On Tuesday 10 December 2002 8:21 am, Ingo Klöcker wrote:
> Where does the manual indicate this?

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