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Tue Dec 10 16:21:06 GMT 2002

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Benjamin Lee Solosy wrote:
> However, your reply in turn raises a couple major questions which I
> hope that somebody (anybody with the time and inclination) might be
> able to answer/explain:
> 1.  Why does "KMail currently send all messages with Content-Type:
> text/plain?"

Simply because it's currently not possible to compose HTML messages with 
KMail. Of course one can write HTML tags directly in the message body 
but that's not what I would call "compose HTML messages".

> 2.  Why do so many people seem to erroneously believe that HTML
> composing in
> KMail works if in fact it doesn't?  :-)  Aside from the fact that the
> KMail Documentation indicates that it is possible,

Where does the manual indicate this?

> I have come across
> many Usenet postings in my research by people who claim to be able to
> send HTML messages
> in KMail!  :-)  Are these people in fact able to send HTML messages in
> KMail (somehow), or are they simply *wrong*?

Apparently Jim (the guy whose message you cited) writes the HTML code to 
a file and then simply attaches the file to a message with no text. If 
KMail is configured to display attachments inline or smart and to 
render HTML messages then it displays the HTML attachment embedded in 
the reader window so that it seems as if the message itself were a HTML 

I just tried it. It works.


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