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On Tuesday 10 December 2002 1:52 am, Felix Seeger wrote:
> Am Montag 09 Dezember 2002 23:18 schrieb Benjamin Lee Solosy:
> > Hi Felix!  My comments follow inline...
> >
> > On Monday 09 December 2002 11:32 am, Felix Seeger wrote:
> > > I think it is simply not implemented since kmail is more a
> > > non-html mail client (ok you can enable viewing but it is not on
> > > by default)
> >
> > Why should KMail be "more a non-html mail client?"  That is absurd,
> > imo.
> I don't say that it should be, I sad that I think it _is_ a non-html
> mail client. I think that is right since you have some problems with
> html ;)

There are dozens, perhaps scores of email programs in existence.  Most 
do not read HTML and produce a ton of noise for very little information 
when HTML mail is seen (rarely read).  Same for RTF mail.  That is why 
so many people ask that email be sent as text only.  Just because you 
use HTML or prefer it (makes the text look pretty, I suppose), does not 
mean the recipients will like the garbage they have to look at.

Keep in mind that this is a world-wide community and some people have 
to pay extra simply for bandwidth.  For these people, HTML is an extra 
and unnecessary expense.

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