Session restoring in 3.1

Ladislav Strojil Ladislav.Strojil at
Tue Dec 10 12:47:45 GMT 2002

On Tuesday 10 of December 2002 11:11, Joerg Stadermann wrote:
> On Tuesday 10 December 2002 11:51, Ladislav Strojil wrote:
> > So the obvious question is: how do I manually save the session?
> By choosing "Save Session" from the menu.

Oh, thanks. This is exactly what I was looking for. 
I could not find it because this option is not available if I don't have 
"restore manually saved" selected.
Since the only thing that worked for me was "Restore last session" I was not 
going to change it until I would find how to save session manually. Thus, I 
was doomed. Thanks for saving me.

(I had to do 'grep "Save Session" * -ri' in kdebase to find what menu you 
mean. :-) )

I'll probably add this warning to kcontrol tooltips.


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