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Benjamin Lee Solosy aethereal at
Mon Dec 9 22:18:36 GMT 2002

Hi Felix!  My comments follow inline...

On Monday 09 December 2002 11:32 am, Felix Seeger wrote:
> I think it is simply not implemented since kmail is more a non-html mail
> client (ok you can enable viewing but it is not on by default)

Why should KMail be "more a non-html mail client?"  That is absurd, imo.

> You could write a bugreport (as a wish). 

HTML composing has already been submitted as a wishlist bug many, many times.

> Maybe it was not implemented because nobody uses html mails on Linux.

I strongly disagree with you there!
I am sure many people don't send HTML format e-mail in Linux only because it 
is not (yet) widely enough available (e.g., in KMail).  I am sure many, many 
people want it.  I am a perfect example of such a person!

P.S.  A general comment to those who say that e-mail should be strictly text, 
rather than HTML format:  The e-mail client should be customizable to 
accept/render only text-based messages if desired, but also HTML if so 
desired.  I literally just read a comment by a contributor to Usenet who said 
that text is the only mode that is necessary for communication via e-mail.  
By that reasoning, the same should be true for the web as well:  the web 
should be strictly text-based, with no graphics whatsoever.  While that 
notion may appeal to certain extreme purists (e.g., those who use strictly 
Lynx to browse the web, etc.), the *vast majority of computer users* flatly 
reject that notion.  (For good reason, too, imo:  It is ridiculous!  :-)  )  
Computers should enable their users to do *more*, not less, if they so 
choose.  [If all we wanted was strictly text-based communication, there would 
really be no need for these expensive, needlessly complex machines; we would 
simply go back to morse code/telegraph communications.]

Thanks for your reply,


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