How to customize a web browser shortcut on desktop

irishboy at irishboy at
Mon Dec 9 18:24:27 GMT 2002


I copied the web browser button from my KDE panel to the desktop.  I'm not
certain that this is analogous to creating a shortcut on Winders, but in
any instance...  what I want is an icon on my desktop that points directly
to my webmail interface, one for each account that I maintain on the
server.  Using mozilla, this SHOULD in theory be possible, since I can
tell the browser to "remember" the settings for the login.

The trouble is, I don't know how to point the "shortcut'd" icon to a
certain URL.

Anyone can assist me on this?

I tried the properties, but short of the htmlview %u in the execute tab, I
cannot find anything that is obvious.

Thanks in advance

Mairhtin O'Feannag

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