Where should I report this bug?

JW jw at centraltexasit.com
Mon Dec 9 05:21:15 GMT 2002

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I have run into an odd bug that, as best I can tell, only effects KDE. I would 
appreciate it if someone would tell me how to handle it...

The bug is related to my keboard. I would even think it was the keyboards 
problem except that it does not happen in the console on Linux or in Windows 
(I dual boot), ever. It only happens in KDE.

The keyboard is not your everyday keybaord. It's a "Wave Keyboard 2" made by 
CIRQUE. It's a nice, heavy "split" ergnomic keybaord the resembles a 
Microsoft Natural.

It uses the standard keyboard layout and keymap, no special keys.

Several months ago (maybe more than a year, many months at least) after 
upgrding to SuSE 8.0/KDE3 I found that when I would switch to a new window 
(with alt tab or the mouse) the very first time I hit a key - ANY key - a 
backtick (" ` ") would be inserted. This applies to all applicatinos that 
accept input, including konsole.

It's rather annoying. It even happens when I hit something like the 
up/down/left/right arrow, or TAB - any key at all.

I thought maybe it was just me or something strange but I've installed a fresh 
new copy of SuSE 8.1 (clean install, not upgrade) and I have exactly the same 
problem. In fact, it seems to happen a tiny bit more frequently.

As I said, it never happens in Windows, and never happens in the console. Or 
in WindowMaker, though I haven't used WindowMaker much in a while.

So... where/how should I report this?

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