Kmail, child folders and associated mailing lists

Zeljko Vukman vukman at
Sat Dec 7 16:11:53 GMT 2002

On Saturday 07 December 2002 10:55 am, JW wrote:
> On Saturday 07 December 2002 02:43, Zeljko Vukman wrote:
> > I've created some child folders in Kmail and associated them with
> > respective mailing lists, but all my received post still goes to inbox.
> > What I am doing wrong? Kmail 1.4.3 & KDE 3.0.3.
> >
> > antialias
> Nothing. You actually have not "associated" the folder with the mailing
> list. What you've done is told Kmail "When I'm in this box, and I start a
> new message, automatically set the To: to <list address>
> This does not effect incomming messages in any way.
> To do what you want, you have to use mail filters (this is actually the
> case for all eMail clients, including other operateing systems, that I am
> aware of.)
> What I would do is:
> 1. Wait for an actual message to arrive from the respective list.
> 2. Copy ( ^c) the list address out of the header (to or from, depends on
> the list)
> 3. RIght-click on the message body.
> 4. Choose the "Create filter...." option.
> 	A _good_ mailing list will give you 4 entiries. You want the one at the
> bottom, "Create filter on mailing list..." (if you don't have that option,
> you'll have to filter by some other criteria, such as to or from)
> That will pop open a filter dialog box with a few things pre-set for you.
> 5. At the very top of the Filter dialog box, you will see the option "Match
> any of the following". Set that option.
> 6. Click the down arrow on the first entry box of the second row (the first
> blank row). Choose <recipients> set the next field to "contains" and paste
> the list addres ( ^v) into the third field.
> That way, if a message escapes the main list ID filter (happens when anoter
> list user CCs you sepeartly from the list), it will still be sent to the
> correct box.
> Hope that helps.

Thanks a lot JW.


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