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Sat Dec 7 09:55:27 GMT 2002

On Saturday 07 December 2002 02:43, Zeljko Vukman wrote:
> I've created some child folders in Kmail and associated them with
> respective mailing lists, but all my received post still goes to inbox.
> What I am doing wrong? Kmail 1.4.3 & KDE 3.0.3.
> antialias

Nothing. You actually have not "associated" the folder with the mailing list. 
What you've done is told Kmail "When I'm in this box, and I start a new 
message, automatically set the To: to <list address>

This does not effect incomming messages in any way.

To do what you want, you have to use mail filters (this is actually the case 
for all eMail clients, including other operateing systems, that I am aware 

What I would do is:

1. Wait for an actual message to arrive from the respective list.

2. Copy ( ^c) the list address out of the header (to or from, depends on the 

3. RIght-click on the message body.

4. Choose the "Create filter...." option.
	A _good_ mailing list will give you 4 entiries. You want the one at the 
bottom, "Create filter on mailing list..." (if you don't have that option, 
you'll have to filter by some other criteria, such as to or from)

That will pop open a filter dialog box with a few things pre-set for you.

5. At the very top of the Filter dialog box, you will see the option "Match 
any of the following". Set that option.

6. Click the down arrow on the first entry box of the second row (the first 
blank row). Choose <recipients> set the next field to "contains" and paste 
the list addres ( ^v) into the third field.

That way, if a message escapes the main list ID filter (happens when anoter 
list user CCs you sepeartly from the list), it will still be sent to the 
correct box.

Hope that helps.


Jonathan Wilson
System Administrator
Cedar Creek Software

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