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Ingo Klöcker kloecker at
Fri Dec 6 08:42:11 GMT 2002

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Alan Guy wrote:
>> As any decent mail client can decode quoted-printable nobody should
>> ever see that your message contains =20 (except they look at the
>> source of your messages).
> Thanks, but never-the-less, when I use Kmail to send an email to a
> list, when I receive a copy of MY OWN email, it shows all the "=20".
> AND if I go to the list archive web site and view my message using
> Konqueror or Galeon or Internet Explorer, all those "=20" are there
> for ALL the world to see. And this happens on ALL email lists I post
> to using Kmail.
> Are you telling me I just have to live-with-it?

Either that, or you contact the administrator of the list that he should 
use a better mailing list software which can properly handle 
quoted-printable encoded messages.

Alternatively you can setup KMail to send 8bit messages by default. But 
please note that the developers of KMail don't recommend this since 
unfortunately a lot of mail servers will mangle those messages so that 
all 8bit information is lost and all non-ASCII characters will be 
converted to some ASCII characters, e. g. my lastname (Klöcker) is 
often mangled to Klvcker or KlXcker.


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