Icons and Menu Editor...URGE TO KILL....RISING.....

Michael Dengler mike at bowes.com
Thu Dec 5 16:47:49 GMT 2002


I've installed a beautiful set of "aqua" icons for KDE 3.0.1. I opened
the control centre and activated the new icons. After some grinding, KDE
replaced MOST of my old icons with the new ones (some apps have no new
icon "counterpart", OK). My question is this: When I open the K menu I
see many KDE app menu items still have their old icons. So, being a bit
of a stickler for detail, I open up Menu Editor to select new icons for
these menu items. Hmmmm....according to Menu Editor, these items already
have the new icons...ie. in Menu Editor, the menu items show up with the
new icons....but in the menu itself, the old icons are still
there.Grrrrrr....So I figger that maybe its just a little glitchy and
needs me to manually re-select the icons for the menu items in Menu
Editor and then "Apply" the change. Did that...old icons STILL in the K
menu EVEN THOUGH MEnu Editor clearly shows the new icons!!!!!


Any Help?



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