What files are changed with KDE upgrades?

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Mon Dec 2 04:22:02 GMT 2002

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I have been using KDE 2.2.2 and decided to upgrades to 3.05.  Something 
went wrong and I had a "spawning too fast" error, so I backed out the 
changes to rc.gui, ld.so.conf and startkde, only to find I had 
introduced some really strange errors.

For one thing, DCOP server now goes down from time to time for no 
apparent reason, losing $DISPLAY in the process, which means that 
kdeinit will not restart it.

For another, now loging out of a desktop starts an immediate shutdown 
instead of landing me on the login screen (I can do it if I go to a 
terminal as root and issue "init 3" followed by "init 5"), but no other 

Also, Opera (6.1) is not crashing (total shutdown of program) with no 
messages to .xsesson-errors or in /var/log/messages.

I notice that kde3 is installed as a directory under /opt and the three 
files mentioned in the first paragraph above are changed.  What appears 
to have happened is that some other files were altered, but I have no 
idea which ones.  Could anyone give me a list of changed files so I can 
reinstall them?

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