Fwd: installing kde3.0.3

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sat Aug 24 21:51:35 BST 2002

Pieter Breed wrote:
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> hi
> if this is off-topic please tell me where I should ask this.
> I recently downloaded the redhat kde 3.0.3 rpm's. I have RH7.3 and the
>  library names tell you with which gcc it was compiled like :
> "libartsflow-gcc2.96.so.1"
> But the rpm's I have all supply the libs in the normal way like
> libartsflow.so.1. So when I do rpm -Uvh * (on the kde rpm dir) i get errors
> like
> "libartsflow-gcc2.96.so.1   is needed by arts-1.0.3-0.7"
> can anyone give me pointers on how to solve this please ?

I would suggest that you first try installing aRts by itself and see if 
this works.

Then if it does, check and see if you have the file:


and get back to us with error messages if any.


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